Runner – Grøn

Velkommen til, ny Runner!

Your job as a runner at Dirty Ranch Steakhouse will involve primarily helping the front-of-house run as smoothly as possible – helping open and set up the restaurant before we open, taking plates and drinks to tables, clearing and cleaning tables and helping with weekly cleaning and maintenance procedures across the restaurant.

After passing your interview and having visited us for some basic training, you will have been given the training booklet and the staff handbook – both of these are available on this page digitally. Your first shift should have been organised – your only job until then is to go through the training on this page, as well as familiarising yourself with the staff handbook – all of our systems, rules and ways of working. Remember to complete the assessment at the end before your first shift.

Good luck!

Velkomst fra vores CEO, Rudi Eriksen:

Opening the Restaurant

As a runner, you will mostly meet into work at 16.00 and have responsibility for completing the runner opening procedure. On your first shift, a manager will take you through this so that you are able to do it all yourself by your second shift. The opening procedure is in a folder behind the bar, and you should check off each task as you go along – making sure that you have completed everything – and that you have signed and dated this once you have done everything. The opening procedure is also available on this page digitally.

Areas and Table Numbers

There are five different areas in the restaurant:

  • Caféen (tables 10 – 23)
  • Udenfor (tables 50 – 57)
  • Stalden (tables 30 – 39)
  • Carpenters (tables 40 – 43)
  • Gamblers (tables 1 – 9A)
  • Smedjen (tables 70 – 76)

During the night, each section will be assigned to a different waiter. This is the waiter that has responsibility for the section on that night. A list of this each night can be found behind the bar on the whiteboard. It is your responsibility each night to know which waiters are assigned to which sections.

After watching the videos, you can also access a 3D tour of the restaurant, to test your memory. Before your first shift, it is expected that you know the table numbers in: Gamblers, Caféen, Stalden and Carpenters. No stress though, as you will go through this again on your first shift.



Stalden og Carpenters

Smedjen (ovenpå)


Delivering Food

This video goes through how to count seat numbers on tables and on the pass, and the correct way to carry plates with food to tables. It is important that this is known and followed by everybody, both kitchen and service, to ensure that the correct guest gets the correct food.

  • Always smile and make eye contact with the guests when bringing their food
  • Say something! F.x. “velbekomme”, “enjoy your food”

If guests have ordered spareribs, they get wipes and a bucket.

  • 2 wipes per guest
  • 1 bucket for every 2 guests (if it is more than one having spareribs)


Delivering Drinks

    Drink orders are prepared behind the bar. When an order is ready, the bartender will ring the bell, and there will be a receipt on the tray – telling you where to go with it.
  • When you return, remember to clean the tray using a damp cloth.

    Preparing Bread

    This video goes through how to prepare bread for guests, and why we do this.

    • Bread is given to a table once they have ordered their main courses, as a signal to other waiters that this table has already ordered
    • Two slices of bread per guest, and one piece of butter per guest
    • Never ‘overload’ a plate with bread – if needed, use two or more plates and make sure it looks presentable

    Welcome guests at the door

    As a runner, you are expected to welcome guests at the door if they have booked a table.


    • If you pass guests at the door while you are f.x. running with plates, tell the guests that someone will be with them soon – acknowledge the guests’ presence!
    • When greeting guests, always give them a warm welcome before asking if they have booked a table – smile, make eye contact, say velkommen til!
    • If guests haven’t booked a table, let the guests know that you will find a waiter to help find a table for them – then go and find waiter to do this!
      • We call guests who haven’t booked a table “walk-ins”
    • When f.x. seating 2 people on a 4-man table, remove the extra napkins/cutlery and put them behind the bar for use later

    Klargøring af borde

    This video explains the klargøring af borde at the Ranch. Remember:

    • Use a cloth and warm, soapy water – and replace this if the water looks dirty
    • When setting cutlery, use a microfiber cloth at the same time to polish cutlery as you go along, and make sure that the cutlery looks clean
    • Check the chairs/sofa – sometimes there can be trash – remove this!
    • Check the boxes on the tables for any trash – remove this -, and that the correct things are inside the box (yatzy, a pen, dice and cups for maja, playing cards, salt and pepper)
    • Make sure that there is a salt and a pepper on the table
    • Press “klargør” for the table on BookEtBord

    Table candles and OrderCubes

    This video looks at how to change table candles.

    • During service, always be on the look out for any candles that have run out of light and change them
    • We currently have 9 OrderCubes, and these should be placed on tables: 10, 11/12, 14, 19, 20, 21, 22, 30 and 31
      • If an OrderCube is green this means the table needs service – inform the waiter of the section that table X wants service
      • If an OrderCube is blue this means the table would like to pay – inform the waiter of the section that table X wants to pay

    Communication at the Ranch

    In a busy restaurant like the Ranch, communication between staff is very important. As a runner you should remember to:

    • Let the waiter of a section know when you have brought their table drinks, starters, main courses or desserts
    • Let the waiter of a section know if you have cleared their tables’ plates – and whether they were starters, main courses or desserts
    • Let the waiter of a section know if one their tables has requested something – for example a new drink, wants to pay etc
    • Let the waiter of a section know if you seat new guests in their section

    “Keeping it professional”

    Keeping it professional, that is, acting in an appropriate way in front of our guests is important when you are a runner – you are the face of the Dirty Ranch brand. So, remember:

    • Do not touch the rim of a water glass. Or any other glass.
    • Handle wine glasses by their stems and silverware by the handles.
    • Do not take an empty plate from one guest while others are still eating the same course. Wait, wait, wait.
    • Never remove a plate full of food without asking what went wrong. Obviously, something went wrong.
    • Never deliver a hot plate without warning the guest.
    • Checking the toilets during service on busy nights and making sure that it is clean and presentable
    • Relighting candles that run out during the night
    • Clear plates and glasses from tables ASAP if guests have left the restaurant – it doesn’t look nice to other/new guests
    • Knowing what the food you are taking to the table is, in the case that the seat system does not work – you can learn more about this under tjenermedhjælper training page