Tjenerhjælper – Blå

Velkommen til, ny tjenerhjælper!

Du er ny i servering og har styr på de grundlæggende processer og procedurer ift. det at servicere vores gæster. Du kender vores systemer, vores bordnumre og kan tage imod ordre og løbe med mad og drikke.

The roles expected of you are clearly set out in the tjenerhjælper training checklist – make sure you know and understand the criteria to be a tjenerhjælper, and that you use the training resources on this page, as well as help from colleagues, in order to make sure you are able to complete your job independently.

Good luck!

Velkomst fra vores CEO, Rudi Eriksen:


You should be able to take in walk-ins at the door.

  1. Check the time – if it is after 20:45, ask the kitchen if they are able to take a walk-in
  2. Ask how many guests they are
  3. Open BookEtBord and add a walk-in on an available table – follow the steps in the video
  4. Remember to put your initials on when you take a walk-in

And remember…

  1. Avoid ‘bad’ tables if you can – 17, 18, 1, 5, 8 (they are too small or in the middle of the restaurant which isn’t that nice for guests)
  2. Never seat guests on 38, 39 unless they request it – they are bar tables
  3. Try to seat larger groups on tables 37, 37A, 40, 41, 42, 43, 34, 35, 36 and push tables together, rather than putting smaller groups there
  4. Be mindful that some sections (Gamblers, Smedjen) might be closed – if you need to seat a table here only rødansvarlig can approve this

Use logic when choosing a table! Think: ‘would I like to sit there myself?’

Change, create and delete bookings in BookEtBord

Understand the process of taking orders

As a tjenerhjælper, you should have a good understanding of how the guest experience should be when they visit Dirty Ranch, from the very moment they walk in through the door to when they walk out again. Read this document, and understand it – the success of service at the Ranch depends on it everyday.

Using Aptito

This video shows an example of how to take an order using our order system, Aptito. Make sure you are familiar with this system before your shift. There are a few special things you need to know about Aptito, including:

  • 1 Litre Drinks
  • Special menus (f.x. Summer menu)
  • 1,5 Litre Øl Kander
  • Wine flaske
  • Kande Postevand
  • Notes for the kitchen and bar
  • Custom dishes
  • Move seats
  • Transfer tables
  • Void
  • Discount
    • Gavekort
    • Fødselsdag
  • 3 Litre and 8 Litre drinks

You will go through some of these situations with a coworker during your shift, when they arise.

 Taking payment

These videos explain how to take cash or card payments from guests. Remember:

  • To check the price is correct before the guest inserts/taps their card – in particular, that the .000 are correct
  • Drikkepenge? Green = add, Red = don’t add
    • Check how much drikkepenge is added (on the Dankort receipt, before you give it to the guest) and put this into Aptito when you are closing the table
  • Always check that the payment has gone through and is “Godkendt”
    • Most foreign cards (normally USA) will ask for a signature, always press okay/Ja – it prints out a receipt the guests need to sign and that we keep (in the kasse) and then another one afterwards that you can give to guest. If you don’t, the payment doesn’t go through
  • To close the table correctly and as soon as the guest pays
    • Card? ‘Other payment’ –> type ‘DK’
    • Cash? ‘Cash’

Understand the Dirty Ranch menu

The following document explains a little bit about our menu – in particular, our steaks. The menu changes often, so make sure that you are in control of waht we sell and what’s in it by reading our menu when you meet into work. Ask the kitchen if you ever have any questions.

Take payment using a gavekort, and how to use BookEtBord to accept a gavekort

Follow the steps in the video, and then on Aptito discount the amount of the gavekort – always put in reason as “Gavekort”.



  • Check if a takeaway has been paid for or not! It can be seen on Nemtakeaway, and the receipt given with the takeaway.
  • If not, take payment as normal and make a note of the amount and whether it was by card or cash on the side
  • Press ‘udlever’ once a takeaway has been delivered.



As a tjenerhjælper, you need to be in control of the BASICS of upselling, and making sure that you use these basics everytime you sell one of the items.

Sådan skænker du øl

Remember to:

  • Take a clean glass
  • Pour in a 45 degree angle
  • Make sure that the beer doesn’t touch the tap

Changing øl fustage, soda postmix og CO2

Remember to:

  • Update the logbog whenever you change something with: the action, your name, the date and time
  • Double-check that soda postmix are standing the correct way
  • Make sure that the back door isn’t blocked by empty fustages
  • Make sure that filled fustages and empty fustages are not mixed or stacked together in the same place
  • Check if there is space for an extra fustage in the ølrum or coolers instead of them standing outside

More information about this can be found in the following document, ‘Arbejdsgange i ølrummet’.


Sådan rengører du softicemaskinen.

tøm maskinen for eventuelle rester, dernæste gør du rent alle de steder, har rørt softice mixet.

Communication with the kitchen


Step 1: Ask the guest what the problem is – for example a steak being undercooked

Step 2: Identify a solution – for example, the steak should be cooked more, or a new one prepared

Step 3: Take the plate and return to the kitchen, and notify them that there is a problem – say clearly the TABLE and SEAT NUMBER

Step 4: Explain the problem, and the solution – for example, the french fries are cold and this plate need some new ones – or ask for the solution if you are unsure

Step 5: Return to the guest and apologise, let them know that the problem is being dealt with and give a rough time frame (f.x. Two minutes)

Step 6: Always tell the RED waiter – and the waiter in charge of the section if it isn’t yours – of any problems, and the solution – ask for help if needed!